Juan Too Big Perez is the founder of Sound Gallery DJs with a lifelong commitment into all genres of music!

“I started playing the drums when I was 5 in church, played the bass when I was 15 and in college,  I traveled all over the Midwest states, all over Texas, Up and down the East Coast and into Canada in the mid 90s. I have sold well over 100,000 mixtapes & CDs in Chicago and was featured on iTunes with over 1 million downloads. But… I always find myself back to my roots DJing in Chicago. I just love making people dance I help them enjoy their special moments and sharing those moments with friends family and their choice of music” Multicultural Events are so versatile the secret is to have fun dancing and the right music at the right time!

Covering All Genres of Music
music that will keep your guest dancing and entertained!

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